Welcome Suicide Prevention Australia 2021 Symposium Delegates

Delegate Resources (Available for 60 days after Symposium)

As a Major Partner of SPA2021, SafeSide are pleased to provide delegates with:

  1. a brief module from SafeSide's training
  2. inspiring work by SafeSide's colleagues and partners
  3. personalized answers to your suicide prevention questions
Brief Module

Learn how to Identify Foreseeable Changes: A Key Element in Prevention Oriented Risk Formulation

Prevention oriented risk formulation (Pisani et al, 2016; Turner et al 2020) aids communication and care planning by putting risk in a personalised context. One critical element in this approach is identifying and planning for Foreseeable Changes, events that are highly specific to the person and their situation and that could put them at risk.

Enjoy this 4 minute module...

Inspiring Work

Hear from our heroes...

Colleagues and partners around Australia doing incredible work to support consumers, their families, and other supports with a vision of more than safety, a vision of recovery and health.

Personalised Answers to Your Questions

Record a question. We'll share our thoughts.

Record any question you have about assessing and addressing suicide risk. 

Dr. Tony Pisani, Mel Clark, Kristina Mossgraber and the SafeSide team will record a personalized answer you can share with your co-workers and loved ones. Tony, Mel, and Kristina, don't have all the answers, but they'll draw on best evidence, the SafeSide Framework, and our experiences coaching health systems and regions worldwide.

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