Project 2025 Opportunity for AFSP Chapters

Sponsor video-based suicide prevention training for Primary Care in your community

A third of individuals who die by suicide visited primary care in the month before their death.

Regulatory requirements to screen for suicide risk in primary care are increasing. But if providers aren't equipped to respond, there is a danger that patients who disclose suicide concerns will have negative experiences and plunge deeper into hopelessness and silence. Every patient in your community deserves a competent, compassionate provider with the skills to instill hope.

Ensure that Primary Care in your community is ready to help.


AFSP and SafeSide Prevention

To achieve the goals of Project 2025, AFSP sought a partner with shared values and expertise in primary care.

SafeSide Prevention, founded by Dr. Tony Pisani, suicide prevention expert and primary care psychologist, was the right partner.

Dr. Pisani teams with lived experience faculty, Kristina Mossgraber, and primary care providers at the University of Rochester to teach and model best practices.

Want a deep dive?

At the end of this 16-minute video you'll:

  • know firsthand what primary care professionals learn and how we support them.
  • be ready to describe SafeSide to a potential partner and invite them to join you in creating a safer community
  • know what your chapter needs to do to get started

If you're looking for a quick overview instead of a deep dive, view a 2 min overview here!

Funding Primary Care Training in Your Community

STEP 1: Contact A Practice You'd Like to Sponsor

Identify a primary care practice in your community and express your interest in providing funding. To inform and spread the word:

  • Share this webpage with information for practices about the training
  • Distribute this flyer to practices or healthcare contacts (general or pediatric) that might be interested.
  • Like and share this video on social media or with potential partners.

STEP 2: Connect the Practice to SafeSide to Get Questions Answered

Once your chapter has budgeted for participation, your Area Director completes this referral form or simply email SafeSide with the information you have (

A member of the SafeSide team will contact the practice, tell them about the training, and help them get started.

STEP 3: Await and Celebrate

SafeSide will keep you informed as they walk each practice through their health system's approval process. That can take time, but the impact is worth the wait!

Once approved, SafeSide provides everything the practice needs to complete training and engage long term for support. Your chapter receives impact reports from SafeSide's data evaluation team based on the practice staff’s responses to research-based measures.

Stay as involved as you want–attend training, bring lunch, or find other creative ways to thank, engage, and encourage staff of your sponsored practice! Once they've trained 75% of their staff, we'll send you a frame-worthy AFSP-SafeSide certificate you can present.

AFSP Sponsorship Pricing

How It Works

  1. One-time onboarding fee. The SafeSide team configures training and evaluation dashboards for each practice and coaches the practice leaders to set goals, get started, and implement training effectively. Evaluation results with research-based measures are available in real time so you can see how training is impacting the staff.
  2. Annual subscription fee. Practice leaders and staff always have access to the SafeSide workshop, tools, templates, and Community of Practice. Fees are based on the number of providers and staff (medical, nursing) who work with patients. When staff in AFSP-sponsored practices participate in the SafeSide workshop, they receive three (3) AMA Category 1 CME credits at no additional cost (normally $15 per person).

Multiple practices. If the health system you contact has more practice locations than your chapter can fund alone, SafeSide and AFSP National will work with you and the system on an affordable cost structure. Since you made the connection and funded the first sites, your chapter is recognized for the the entire rollout and impact it has!

Your sponsorship provides

Coaching to get started and stay engaged

Year-round access to video-based curriculum

Optional monthly office hours with Dr. Pisani and the SafeSide team

An online Community of Practice where anyone on the team can get questions answered and share their learnings with others

Updates to the curriculum and refresher videos

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